Healthcare Case Studies

Deliver a New Generation of Applications that Engage Customers and Employees

Healthcare innovation and regulation is changing the way you engage your customers. Free your developers and R&D department to develop new applications with self-service access to resources. Lower application delivery costs and experiment with new training, customer service, and marketing applications. Deliver new applications with Cloud Management automation and control.

Protect Sensitive Data with an Extensible Cloud Platform

There's a place in the cloud for your customers' health data. Protect sensitive health information and comply with such regulations as HIPAA using governance and auditing features built for the cloud. Place data and workloads where you need them, based on SLAs, data residency requirements, and Business Associates Agreements.

HIPAA in the Public Cloud

Free Up Capital for Research and Investment Projects

Better balance IT capex and opex spending to increase available capital for new research, development, and business investment. How? With RightScale Cloud Analytics you can combine your historical usage data with sophisticated forecasting to streamline cloud cost management across all the major public and private clouds. Learn more about Optima.