Online Services Case Studies

To avoid vendor lock-in, we need the ability to run on multiple clouds. RightScale gives us an elegant solution that also meets our need for rapid deployment.

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Speed Up Application Delivery

Developers are moving to cloud for one thing: speed. With cloud you can tie provisioning into your development and operations tool chain for faster deployment and delivery, bring public cloud agility to your data center, and eliminate the provisioning queue for your teams with Cloud Management deployment automation.

Manage Governance in a DevOps Environment

From SaaS to mobile to social, your applications have to be secure to gain the trust of your customers. Use lightweight access controls, budget policies, and auditing to ensure application stability and compliance. Ensure cloud governance without getting in the way of agile application delivery.

Make the Transition to SaaS Delivery Models

Interested in getting in on the SaaS market, but have a single-tenant software product? Deliver single-tenant SaaS using private cloud or IaaS infrastructure with repeatable configurations that can be tuned to specific customer needs. Find out how you can deliver your SaaS using design configurations with Cloud Management.

Track and Budget Costs for Divisions, Product Lines, and End Clients

Infrastructure and hosting costs are a key part of your bottom line. Allocate cloud spend by division, team, or application. Trace costs back to end clients in single-tenant environments. Continuously optimize cloud spend and reduce waste from development through production. See how Optima can provide insights into your business decisions.