Publishing Case Studies

We are fairly typical of large enterprises with some development groups that are forward thinking and that have been adopting cloud computing to take advantage of the on-demand and pay-as-you-go model of cloud computing. We use RightScale to reduce our overhead and the time we have to spend on cloud infrastructure.

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Transition from Data Center to Cloud

Transitioning to cloud doesn't have to mean abandoning your data center investments. Bridge existing mission-critical applications in your data center with a cloud-first strategy for new applications. Find out how you can unify public and private clouds with your virtualized environments on the RightScale Multi-Cloud Platform.

Experiment with New Services and Engagement Models

The publishing industry is being pushed into new business models. Expand into digital distribution, applications, and customer experiences by freeing up resources from time-consuming processes. Encourage experimentation by providing rapid access to resources and development environments. See how Cloud Management can bring additional speed to your IT teams.

Optimize Costs with Visibility that Spans Business Units

Getting a view of cloud usage and spend across your business can be a challenge. But having visibility is critical to optimizing and planning your cloud budget. Optima gives you a view into cloud consumption across your business units, teams, products, and applications.