Retail and Hospitality Case Studies

We decided that provisioning needs to be automated completely. We achieved that. It helped us meet our business deadline.

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Stay Ahead of the Demand Curve

Handle promotional campaigns, seasonal traffic, and uncertain demand with placement, capacity, and availability policies. Find out how to leverage auto-scaling, auto-healing, and lifecycle automation with Cloud Management.

Wring Cost Savings from the Cloud

You keep your IT budget lean to survive on thin margins. That means you need to stay on top of your cloud budget by your having clear visibility into your cloud environment so that you can optimize your usage and costs. Explore how Optima can help you save money as you transition to cloud.

Choose the Best Venue of Execution for Your Applications

Offer your developers a choice of cloud services around the globe. Move workloads across data centers and vendors as cost, or other requirements, dictate. Bring together public clouds, private clouds, and virtualization environments on a unified Multi-Cloud Platform.

PCI in Public Cloud

Get the guidelines on how to be PCI compliant in the public cloud.

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Avoid Success Disaster with the Cloud

Learn how to avoid success disasters with the cloud by building scalable applications that can adapt to dynamically changing conditions

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