Telco Case Studies

By combining the leading public clouds with the connection and security capabilities of Telstra Cloud Gateway and RightScale, we provide our customers with the choice, control, and confidence they need to embrace the cloud for their businesses.

Logo Michelle Bendschneider, Executive Director, Global Products, Telstra

Extend Your Network to Connect to Cloud Infrastructure

Give your customers a turnkey solution for managing hybrid cloud infrastructure. A universal cloud management platform provides the flexibility to move workloads and applications across the leading public and private clouds as business needs dictate. Paired with your own cloud direct connect offerings or managed services, you can afford your customers a complete solution for getting their products and services to market faster.

Leverage a Cloud Management Platform to Offer Flexibility and Scale

Support interoperability among a growing number of global cloud infrastructure providers to offer your customers the flexibility to choose the best clouds for their needs. With universal cloud management for hybrid clouds, you can help your customers define and execute on their cloud strategies — whether that is running new workloads and applications, legacy systems, or both — in the cloud.