Telstra Cloud Management Platform

The Telstra Cloud Management Platform powered by RightScale simplifies hybrid cloud management by providing a holistic view of your private and public cloud environments. The ease and simplicity of managing multiple clouds with a single unified dashboard will enable you to drive innovation, growth, and efficiency throughout your enterprise.

Cloud Management Platform is one of three cloud services from Telstra that together provide a comprehensive solution for managing public and private clouds. Cloud Gateway enables you to run workloads in multiple clouds through a one-to-many “gateway” model that connects the Telstra IP network service to major cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure, Office365, and VMware vCloud, while the Managed Virtual Machine service provides you with managed services for the configuration and ongoing management of your infrastructure.

Multi-Cloud Orchestration and Portability

As a multi-cloud management provider, Telstra supports interoperability among a growing list of leading private and public cloud providers, giving you the flexibility to choose the clouds that best fit the needs of your workloads or applications.

Multi-Cloud Management
Gain maximum visibility and control through a single global view that enables you to manage, govern, and optimize all your clouds.

Centralized Self-Service
Minimize shadow IT and accelerate development with self-service provisioning that provides your development and operations teams with instant access to curated cloud infrastructure and services.

Cloud Portability
Preserve choice with the ability to migrate workloads and applications among clouds as your business needs and application lifecycles dictate.

Cross-Cloud Visibility and Control

The Telstra Cloud Management Platform enables you to gain complete visibility and control over your current and future cloud environments.

Identity and Access Management
Simplify identity and access management (IAM) across clouds by granting hierarchical cloud account access, centralizing user permissions, and connecting existing directory services.

Implement policy-based governance across all your cloud resources by integrating approval systems, chargeback systems, configuration and change management, and advanced lifecycle management.

Cloud Cost Management
Avoid bill shock by leveraging sophisticated analytics and reporting to monitor, forecast, and optimize your spend across clouds and business units.

For more details on the Telstra Cloud Management Platform, visit Telstra.