Amazon Cloud Management

Bring Visibility to Your AWS Environment

RightScale helps Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers gain visibility across regions and accounts, manage and forecast costs, and record an audit history of changes across their environments. As an AWS customer, you can gain deep insight into your AWS infrastructure and applications with the RightScale Cloud Management Platform. RightScale can help you manage AWS more efficiently whether you’re just getting started or implementing advanced hybrid IT and DR strategies for peak performance. To learn more, download the RightScale and AWS solution brief.

Automate Your Application Lifecycle

Group resources together in the context of your applications, auto-heal and auto-scale applications, and stage DR environments for rapid failover. Explore the operational automation available with RightScale Cloud Management.

Build a Hybrid Cloud with AWS and Your Data Center

Link AWS to other public and private clouds and virtualized environments for backup, disaster recovery, geographic diversification, performance enhancement, and cost optimization. Find out more about the benefits of a multi-cloud platform for Amazon cloud management.

From Your First Cloud App to Production Systems

RightScale has helped to architect and operate thousands of AWS applications since 2007. Find expertise with RightScale services.

IT Vending Machine

Learn how to empower your internal customers to provision cloud resources when they need them but also ensure that what get receive is well within IT approved guidelines.

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Hybrid IT

Technical experts from AWS and RightScale provide an overview of the key business and technical considerations for designing and managing your hybrid IT environment.

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4 Ways to Supercharge AWS

Learn how to forecast cloud costs, increase visibility, organize your AWS environment, and automate lifecycle management.

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Safeguard Your Apps with HA/DR

Gain insights into technologies to automate your scalable cloud deployments and quickly recover data when it matters most.

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