OpenStack Management

Manage the Entire Application Lifecycle

Bring together infrastructure and applications with extensible monitoring and event-driven alerts. Manage resources in organized deployments and orchestrate them for efficiency and reliability.

Deliver a Self-Service Catalog

Configure and create service catalogs using multi-hypervisor and multi-cloud ServerTemplates™. Permission users, audit events, and track resource usage and costs.

Integrate with Public Clouds and vSphere Environments

Link OpenStack to major public clouds and vSphere environments, and port applications between them.

Unlock Your OpenStack Cloud

Get out of a locked-in virtualized environment and into a truly open one. RightScale and Rackspace Private Cloud make it possible to continue running your apps on OpenStack without significant investment in additional resources.

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HA/DR Techniques for OpenStack

With cloud applications, failure is not and "if" but a "when," so be sure to put an availability strategy in place that matches the demands of your application.