Rackspace Management

Launch and Scale in Context

Automate your Rackspace environment with configuration, monitoring, auto-scaling, auto-healing, script execution, role-based access controls, and audit histories.

Rackspace-Ready Configurations

With a range of load balancer, app server, cache server, and database ServerTemplates, RightScale gives you the reference architectures to get up and running quickly with Rackspace cloud management.

Link to Hybrid Clouds

Create a cohesive hybrid cloud environment across Rackspace Cloud, Rackspace Managed, OpenStack, vSphere environments and other public clouds.

A Better Way of Delivering IT

Learn how you can build a hybrid IT model with RightScale, Rackspace, and OpenStack technologies — combining the benefits of public cloud with the security and performance of dedicated environments.

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Rackspace Private Cloud

Get out of a locked-in virtualized environment and into a truly open one. RightScale and Rackspace Private Cloud make it possible to continue running your apps on OpenStack without significant investment in additional resources.

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