vSphere Management

Transform Your vSphere Environment into a Self-Service Cloud

Virtualization has dramatically increased infrastructure efficiency, but has not unlocked the agility many enterprises now require. Using a cloud management platform your organization can create a self-service cloud from your vSphere environment. Reduce provisioning time with a self-service interface. Add governance controls to enable multi-tenancy across business units, policy-based approvals, and audit histories. Layer on visibility to better track costs and to offer showback and chargeback. Learn more about cloud self-service.

Link Multiple vSphere Data Centers with Private Clouds and Public Clouds

With RightScale, tie together resource management, configuration, automation, and governance across your entire virtual and cloud fleet. Control vSphere management directly with the RightScale Adapter for vSphere. Or use vSphere with OpenStack or CloudStack to include Xen or KVM hypervisors in your environment. In both methods link public and private clouds with multiple vSphere data centers. Find out how Cloud Management can enhance your vSphere infrastructure.