Cloud Compliance

Apply Cloud Governance Policies to Enable Self-Service

Offer self-service IT access while sleeping at night. Design and enforce policies based on budgets, configurations, and user access. Control resource placement and capacity. Approve access to cloud environments and applications with role-based access controls. Explore Cloud Management governance features.

Cloud Compliance

Maintain Consistent and Secure Configurations

The transition to cloud presents an opportunity to standardize your configurations, simplify your environment, and reduce vulnerabilities from configuration drift. Consistently control versioning with application stack configurations that self-document. Find out more about designing consistent services using Cloud Management.

Gain Visibility Across Public and Private Clouds

From high-level dashboards to detailed drill downs, use a single pane of glass across private cloud data centers and public clouds. View and analyze application usage and budget run rates. Find out how Optima solves cost visibility.

Track Changes to Achieve Compliance

Cloud environments are dynamic and fast moving; you'll need a historical record to sort out compliance. Track configuration changes across compute, network, and storage resources with audit histories. See a roll up of events happening all around your environments. Make it easier to pass compliance audits with Cloud Management.

PCI In the Public Cloud

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HIPAA in the Public Cloud

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