How to Optimize Your Cloud Costs

Avoid Wasted Spend

On average, enterprises are wasting 35 percent of their cloud spend due to inefficient use of cloud. Saving money on your cloud bills requires you to optimize your cloud use. However, you need to go beyond one-time fixes by leveraging automation to continually monitor spend, quickly alert you of issues, and even take automated action.

Optimize Your Cloud Costs to Reduce Wasted Spend
Optimize Your Cloud Costs to Reduce Wasted Spend

Expert Help to Optimize Costs

The RightScale Cloud Cost Optimization Service provides expert help and assistance to help you reduce both current and ongoing cloud costs by identifying and eliminating waste.

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Cost Optimization Report
Cost Optimization Report

Pinpoint Waste with a Cost Optimization Assessment

The first step in cutting cloud costs is to uncover areas of waste. The RightScale Cloud Cost Optimization Service begins with an assessment that analyzes your current usage and identifies savings opportunities. We will assess trends in your cloud usage and spend including:

  • Cost drivers and cost variability
  • Instance underutilization
  • Old instance types and more expensive regions
  • Development instances that run 24x7
  • Utilization and coverage of AWS Reserved Instances
  • Amazon Spot instances and Google pre-emptible VMs
  • Unattached storage volumes
  • Old snapshots
  • Opportunities to leverage different clouds and cloud services
  • . . . and more

“RightScale ensures that we are on the appropriate and most cost-effective cloud infrastructure at all times.”

Digital Technology Solutions and Strategy at Audi of America, Volkswagen Group

Stay on Top of
Cloud Costs

While saving money is important, your cloud team often is faced with competing demands on their time. The RightScale Cloud Cost Optimization Service provides a team of cost experts that work with you to continually monitor your costs, identify waste, and implement savings. Our experience across many customers and clouds can accelerate your cloud savings initiatives and provide significant return on investment, enabling you to invest savings into critical priorities.

Cloud Cost Optimization Service Workstream
Cloud Cost Optimization Service Workstream

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Two Packages to Choose From

With the RightScale Cloud Cost Optimization Service, you can choose from two service levels, Silver or Gold, depending on your needs. Have business units that need extra assistance? Purchase an additional Cost Optimization package for critical business units.


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