Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Choice: Public, Private, and Virtualized

With RightScale, you can choose among public clouds, private clouds and virtualized environments for your applications. Mix and match infrastructure to meet the business or technical requirements of each application. Place workloads based on security, compliance, cost, availability, or other technical requirements. Learn more about how to support your cloud portfolio with the RightScale Multi-Cloud Platform.

Hybrid Cloud

Build from a Common, Portable Cloud Platform

RightScale provides an abstracted framework of infrastructure resources and configurations that makes application portability real. Move applications and services across hybrid clouds and data centers with extensible and fully customizable multi-cloud configurations. Learn more about designing portable multi-cloud blueprints.

Reliably Take Actions and Control Access Across Clouds

RightScale provides much more than just API translation. Deep integrations with leading clouds harmonize behaviors across clouds so that you can design portable and interchangeable applications. Abstracted compute, storage, and network resources provide visibility, analytics, and data across your public and private clouds. Avoid lock-in by deploying consistently across clouds.