9 Ways to Reduce Cloud Storage Costs

On-Demand Webinar

Cloud storage costs are increasing and now represent a significant portion of cloud spend. As a result, cloud users need to focus on ways to reduce storage spend by selecting the best options while also finding ways to manage the rapid increase in the use of cloud storage.

The 9 Ways to Reduce Cloud Storage Costs on-demand webinar covers:

  • Eliminating storage that is unused
  • Choosing the right storage options to reduce costs
  • Optimizing the use of DBaaS
  • Setting your retention policies to avoid ever-increasing spend


9 Ways to Reduce Cloud Storage Costs On-Demand Webinar
Kim Weins
VP Marketing and Cloud Cost Strategy
Brandon Willer
Director of Engagements and Cloud Cost Strategy

What People Are Saying About This Webinar


Awesome job on comparing the cloud vendors’ storage costs. Thanks so much!

The speakers have great knowledge of the topic, which is appreciated.

Very good overview of cloud storage costs.

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