Multi-Cloud Management with RightScale CMP

On-Demand Webinar

Almost every enterprise will face the challenge of multi-cloud management. A cloud management platform (CMP) can help you broker standardized cloud services with a single view across both public and private clouds, giving you control over existing cloud usage and enabling you to offer self-service provisioning across all your clouds and virtualized infrastructure.

The Multi-Cloud Management with RightScale CMP on-demand webinar features an in-depth demo that covers:

  • Realizing value from a CMP on Day 1
  • Gaining visibility over your existing cloud use
  • Understanding and controlling cloud costs
  • Using automated policies to govern cloud use
  • Provisioning with standardized templates
  • Automating and maintaining cloud infrastructure


Multi-Cloud Management with RightScale CMP Webinar
Kim Weins
VP Marketing and Product
Dave Frankel
Cloud Solutions Engineer

What People Are Saying About This Webinar


Excellent demo.

Liked the range of automated policies available.

The list of out-of-the-box plugins for supported cloud providers was helpful.

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