Overcoming 5 Common Docker Challenges: How We Did It at RightScale

On-Demand Webinar

We highlight solutions to common Docker challenges that you may encounter as you move from initial experiments toward full-fledged Docker adoption. At RightScale, we’ve been sharing our lessons learned as we move toward a fully containerized environment leveraging a “sea of containers.” We’re now in the middle stages of that journey and will share some of the challenges we’ve encountered and how we’ve overcome them.

This technical on-demand webinar, Overcoming 5 Common Docker Challenges: How We Did It at RightScale, covers:

  • Tips for securely producing high-quality, easy-to-manage Docker images
  • Options for multi-host networking between laptops and the cloud
  • Orchestrating Docker in production: service discovery, configuration, and auditability
  • Increasing host density with Docker
  • Dynamic monitoring and alerting for Docker containers

Overcoming 5 Common Docker Challenges at RightScale Webinar


Tony Spataro
Senior Systems Architect
Mark Dotson
Principal Systems Administrator
Ryan O’Leary
Director, Product Management

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