How to Operate in the Cloud Using ServiceNow, RightScale and More

With cloud use now a given, IT teams are taking on the role of brokering cloud services across the enterprise. Doing so means integrating cloud into your existing IT environment, including ITSM solutions like ServiceNow — as well as a variety of tools and services — and universal cloud management solutions like RightScale, which acts as a hub to orchestrate and operate cloud workloads by providing API access in and out to cloud services as well as to your IT ecosystem.

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In the Operate in the Cloud with ServiceNow, RightScale and More webinar we’ll cover common scenarios for cloud orchestration:

  • Enabling self-service operations for your internal cloud consumers.
  • Using Cloud Application Templates (CATs) to orchestrate cloud workloads.
  • Offering multi-cloud access through ITSM solutions like ServiceNow.
  • Orchestrating complex cloud applications leveraging third-party services.
  • Automating operations for cloud applications.